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The #1 request I seem to get involves the word CHEAP – “Hi, Nikki, we are looking for a cheap option for a cruise!” or “Hi, Nikki, we want to go to Disney World on the cheap!” or “Hi, Nikki, how cheap can we get an all inclusive resort?”

Friends, CHEAP does not mean GOOD VALUE! There is a major difference and when it comes to your vacation planning, I want to help you find a great VALUE. When you find VALUE in something, you see the worth of it. The way that it will impact your decision making to give you the best options within your budget (see what I did there – within your budget!) – your budget is going to determine the course of direction I take when it comes to helping you find the best value for your vacation planning.

Many of you know when you contact me for a quote I am going to ask “what is your budget?” I do this because vacations can be $1000 or they can be $100,000,000 – I need to know where to target the search. Just because you say $5K doesn’t mean I am starting at the highest place I can find, it simply means that I know how to better target and include all necessary components. My job is to work WITH you and within your budget as much as possible. Sometimes there may be a component that I recommend that costs extra but has great value, and other times there may be a component that is not worth adding – I am going to tell you that as well!

Let me help you save time and money by working with me for all your vacation planning needs.  When you book with me, you get concierge style service throughout the planning and your vacation. Email me at PixieNikkiLLC@gmail.com and let’s get started planning your perfect vacation!

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