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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for many of us, saving money on the big ticket holiday gift items means shopping on Black Friday! Don’t forget that many suppliers will be offering promotions on travel as well – between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, expect to see some pretty great deals on several travel destinations including all inclusive resorts and cruises.

As my kids grow older (now 16 and 10) we are trying to provide more experiences for them than stuff! Stuff gets lost, broken, pushed aside – the hot new toys aren’t so hot after a few hours of play time. But memories last a lifetime! I look back on my childhood, full of travel adventures, and I remember fondly being with my family as we explored all sorts of destinations both domestic and abroad. I can’t tell you what toys I received, but I can tell you that spending a night in a real castle in Scotland remains one of my most cherished memories, even after three decades!!

I’d love to help you gift a special vacation to your loved ones – please email me at Nikki@PixieVacations.com and let’s get started planning those memories to last a lifetime!

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