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Destination Weddings & Honeymoons!

Thinking of escaping to paradise to say "I Do" or to renew your vows? I can help with making that dream come to life!! Whether you are planning a symbolic or legal wedding, I have all the info you need to celebrate this special occasion. AND - a Destination Wedding...

Cheap vs Value

The #1 request I seem to get involves the word CHEAP - "Hi, Nikki, we are looking for a cheap option for a cruise!" or "Hi, Nikki, we want to go to Disney World on the cheap!" or "Hi, Nikki, how cheap can we get an all inclusive resort?" Friends, CHEAP does not mean...

Welcome to Pixie Nikki’s Blog!

Hey, y'all - Pixie Nikki's blog is up and running! I will use this space to inform you of special offers going on with different vendors, travel tips to help you book the perfect getaway, Q&A sessions, and so much more! For now, please help me spread the word...

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