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What Our Travelers are Saying

lb_hogwarts_castleMy family loved our vacation because it was planned beautifully. Nikki helped us every step of the way with her superb all-things-Disney knowledge. In addition, she helped price my family’s cruise. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants the BEST!

Laura Beth Vietor

Nikki is without a doubt the BEST at what she does. She not only knows Disney like the back of her hand she also goes above and beyond to answer questions and get you the information that you need so quickly. We already knew a lot about Disney since my husband and I had both been several times. She was still able to tell us about new things that we didn’t know, give us great tips for navigating the parks, and help us plan a trip that would fit the best for having little ones. Our 3 year old talks about going back to “his Disney world house” every single day. We will definitely be using Nikki to help us plan our next trip. Thank you so much Nikki!

Kelin Haulsee

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